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Rockville Musical Theatre (RMT), a volunteer organization, is dedicated to the presentation of high quality musical theatre designed to entertain and enrich the community while showcasing local talent.


In the early 1970’s, Rockville Little Theatre (RLT) performed musicals as well as plays. Eventually a decision was made by RLT to focus solely on plays. Following that decision, a group from RLT’s production of Guys and Dolls began to explore creating a theater company that produced only musicals.   In June 1974, Rockville Musical Theatre (RMT) was formed by founding members: Mike Reed, Kathy Reed, Tom Reed, Barbara Reed, Bob Hunter, Ginny Hunter, Betty Keate, and Cliff Smith. The founders of RMT lent the organization $900 to produce its first show, Bells are Ringing which was performed at Broome Junior High School. Fortunately, the show was successful allowing for the founders to be paid back and money to be set aside for the next show.


RMT has come a long way since that first production which featured borrowed, salvaged, and rented sets and costumes. Today, Rockville Musical Theatre produces three musicals each year: one typically performed in the spring at the Gaithersburg Arts Barn at Arts on the Green; the remaining two shows are produced in the summer and fall at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre.


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